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M*A*S*H Fic
Dear reader...
Hidden Music 
19th-Nov-2011 09:50 pm
This is part of a meme that matches a fandom with a line of poetry.

Title: Hidden Music
Author: willows_whiten/spell_divine
Rating: Corporal
Summary: The things B.J. loves best about Peg are those he can't put into words.
Pairings: B.J./Peg
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Poem is "The Strange Music" by G.K. Chesteron.
Warnings: n/a
Link or LJ-cut:

(M*A*S*H: "In your strings is hid a music that no hand hath e'er let fall")
[I know, Winchester is the obvious character for this prompt]

Peg laid on the couch reading a book. She looked up and caught B.J. staring at her.
“What?” she asked.
“You’re beautiful,” he said.
“Um, thanks.”
“As a doctor, I know all that’s inside of you is pink and quite ugly. But it’s hard to believe that’s true for you.”
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