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M*A*S*H Fic

Dear reader...

Dear Reader... M*A*S*H fanfiction
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Mash_fic is a community to host any fanfiction based on the M*A*S*H fandom, be it book, TV or movie-verse. Any rating or paring is allowed, which means you may post both het and slash here, as long as the following rules are adhered to:

*When posting fiction, please use the following form to provide readers with the necessary info on a story:
Link or LJ-cut:

Only 'pairings' and 'warnings' are optional. 'Pairings' may only be omitted if the fic is non-romantic, and 'warnings' apply as necessary if your story contains any level of sex, violence or swearing.

*Please only post your own work. If you have recommendations, make sure the author is clearly named in the disclaimer.

*This is important: please make sure your stories are of as high quality as you can achieve. If you are posting a first draft which you acknowledge needs work, please say so. Use a spell-checker, and if possible a beta-reader. If you want someone to beta your story, advertising here is fine, as long as it is a M*A*S*H story and you make sure potential betas know pairing, content, etc.

*Stories should, wherever possible, be posted directly to the community. If you would rather keep all your reviews in one place, a link is fine, but on the whole try to post the entire text behind a LJ cut. This is simply for the convenience of everyone.

*Any stories longer than 100 words (or multiple drabbles) should be placed behind a cut. To find out how to do this, see LJ's FAQ for details.

*No flaming! Constructive criticism makes the literary world go round, but if the right warnings are in place, do not criticise a fic purely for its pairing or content.

*Do not multi-post the same fic. Different chapter posts are welcome though.

*Yes, I'm going to make this a rule, but obviously I can't enforce it ... give feedback wherever you think it is deserved. There's nothing a writer loves more than reviews, whether they are good or bad. We're talking ego-fodder here.

*This is a fanfiction-based community, but if you want to post M*A*S*H icons or news, feel free. Introductory posts are fun too, but posts without informative or entertaining content will be removed.

*Posting community links is fine, so long as they are about M*A*S*H

*Play nice ^_^

NEW - Ratings guide
SO apparently the MPAA people (whoever they are) don't like fanfiction writers using the old movie ratings for fic. So basically we are advised not to use the G, PG, R, NC-17 ratings any more. On this community you are asked to use one of the following methods.

The M*A*S*H method:
G = Corporal
PG = Sergeant
PG13 = Captain
R = Major
NC17 = Colonel

The FF.net ratings method:
G = K
PG/PG13 = K+
R = T
NC17 = M

Challenge Guidelines

*When you respond to a monthly challenge make sure you clearly mark your entry in the post description, e.g. Father Mulcahy Challenge entry, and use the above form as normal.
*I will attempt to read and post a comment acknowledging your entry within one week of it being posted. If a week passes without comment from me, you are allowed to re-post as your entry may have slipped my notice somehow. This is unlikely, but I don't want entries to go unnoticed.
*Challenge entries must adhere to every part of the challenge unless specifically marked 'optional'. Entries that do not match all criteria will be notified with plenty of time to make changes before the closing date.
*Challenges will be posted on the 1st of every month, and will close on the 29th of each month to ensure each lasts the same length of time. Any entries posted after the 29th of the month run the risk of being ignored, as I will not be looking out for them.
*Winners of the previous challenge will also be posted on the 1st of every month, and will consist of first place and one runner up.

Member challenges:
*Members may set the rules of their own challenges to be as strict or as lenient as they like.
*Members may also set the duration of their challenge, plus any rating, pairing or content restrictions.
*If a challenge is not responded to, it may be re-posted one month from the original post date.
*Members may post challenges at any time.

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